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Girls Swimming Underwater

Swim for fun, Swim for life.

At Swimtelligent Swim Club we believe Swimming is an essential skill that everyone should learn and water safety should be a main concern for everyone. Swimming is a fun but potentially dangerous sport. Through every student we teach to swim we believe we have come closer to have potentially helped save a life.  No matter what your swimming ability is, we offer classes for your level and the level you wish to achieve. Please browse our site, call us, or fill out our contact form below for further details.

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We Care About Your Safety

At Swimtelligent we care about ensuring all our swimmers, no matter what level they are at, are knowledgeable in all water safety measures. Drowning is the highest accidental cause of death in young children so we feel it is essential for children to be comfortable in water and possess the necessary skills to survive until someone can assist them.  All students will be assessed for their current level of ability and paired with a coach that can help them to learn and improve.

Swim Classes

We offer classes for all ages and level of swimming ability. Contact us or visit our Classes page for more info.

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